Enriching Lives

Pinetown Boys’ High School Interact Club members delivering collected items as a donation to Ikhethelo Childrens Home.
Toastmaster International:
Pinetown Boys’ high school participates in this nonprofit organization which teaches students to become better public speakers, learn leadership skills through countless hours of practice. Each year our top learners in each category (Prepared speech, Evaluation and Impromptu speech.) are invited to take part in a bigger event combing the winners from other schools and clubs for top honours.
School Musical:
Every year, Pinetown Boys High School showcases a grand musical production in collaboration with our sister school, Pinetown Girls High School. The learners are included in the production process by being exposed to directing, script writing, sound and lighting technologies, painting of sets and advertising. Learners are also given the opportunity to choreograph dances and showcase their talents with musical instruments, all under the guidance of internal and external music teachers, voice coaches and producers.
Debating and Public Speaking:
Pinetown Boys High school has three teams in Debating and Public Speaking, across the school grades. In all three divisions, we compete to debate current topics against other schools in KZN. Learners can represent both KZN and South Africa.
PBHS Band:
Pinetown Boys High school has a fairly new school band program, pairing up with the school choir they perform in events throughout the year. Here our learners can showcase their talents in playing various instruments.
Pinetown Boys High school has a pride history of producing some amazing vocalist. Learners participate in events throughout the year to showcase their talents. A number of learners are invited to participate in trials to be in the KZN schools choir group each year, with many of them achieving that goal.
First Aid:
In Pinetown Boys’ High school, we teach student how to help others in crisis situations. This is done during school, at practices and matches where learners, assisted by a qualified educator or paramedic, will attend to the various injuries. In addition, learners are trained in basic first aid which is an invaluable aid learned.
Photography Club:
Anyone with a camera, whether on a smart phone on a digital camera can get involved in taking school photos at sporting events, cultural events or anything that the school takes part in. The boys learn how to use their cameras in more ways that they know, and experience a new activity that they are generally not exposed too.
Pinetown Post:
All budding Journalist can showcase their writing skills, in preparing pieces of work for our school’s weekly news article. Here learners will see pieces of class work, photos from various sporting or cultural activities, challenges and drives for the school to get involved in. This weekly post is read by all learners and parents whether online or on paper.