Creating Healthy Bodies

Aquatics (Swimming and Water Polo):
Pinetown boys high school participates in a full Aquatic program which consists of Swimming and Water Polo. Each year we take part in various school galas as well as host an inter-house gala, we have many fixture for our ever-growing water polo teams and participate in at least 1 pre-season tournament in the 3rd term. With Water polo being a very physical sport, it is a great outlet for boys to release all that stored up energy.
Athletics at Pinetown boys high school is one of our main focuses, our boys love the challenge of running, jumping and throwing in a number of activities, A reasonable number of athletes are selected for the Pinetown and Districts team, progressing later onto the Kwa-Zulu Natal team.
Track Events:
– Sprints (100m, 200m, 400m)
– Middle distance (800m, 1500m, 3000m).
Field Events:
– High Jump
– Long Jump
– Discus
– Shot Put
– Javelin
With 2 courts and spring loaded backboards, Pinetown boys High school has perfect facilities to train and produce great Basketball players. We train our team all year round for ultimate exposure for our boys.
The game for gentlemen, at Pinetown Boys High school we strive to develop gentlemen on and off the field. With two beautiful cricket pitches and two sets of nets we offer superb training to meet the standards of a great cricketer. We give every opportunity to the learners to play, many fixture across all age groups and school kit for the learners unable to afford their own.
For the learners that enjoy a more intellectual challenge we at Pinetown Boy High school competitively compete in the local chess league hosted at our school. Our learners train hard to be the best at this beautiful game.
Cross Country:
Pinetown Boys High schools cross-country team has passion compared to no other. Countless learners have dedicated their time to train hard to compete against the best to be the best, this shows in several our athletes representing the Durban and districts and KZN schools team.
The sport Pinetown boys high school focuses on the most. With great results coming from our school it is obvious that soccer is changing our school for the positive. In the last few years Pinetown Boys high school has gone from a relatively unknown soccer team to a team to be reckoned with, winning tournaments, having countless learners competing for the KZN school teams and having learners represent top clubs in South Africa and in various clubs around the world.
Pinetown Boys High school prides itself maintaining a good standard of well-disciplined rugby players. Our students participate and play a with passion and pure heart until the final whistle. Learners are given many opportunities to showcase their own skills in bringing in their own style of rugby. This physical game is great for students who have a lot of energy as well as to learn how to channel their aggression correctly. Learners are chosen to attend KZN rugby trials and various clubs to further their chances of playing rugby in the future.
Here at Pinetown Boys High School we participate in a sport that is changing the face of Hockey. Each year we are placed in a very competitive league with great results from all our teams U14, u16 and 1st team. Boys are very eager to try this fast paced and Physical sport.
With Pinetown Boys dedicated team of coaches, we train hard and player harder.  We play in league which take places over many weeks of the 2 term. Learners are invited to showcase their talent and take part in the KZN Trials each year. This sport builds team bonds that last forever.
At Pinetown Boys High School, we promote more than just team sports. We push learner to excel on their own. Tennis offers a great platform for our students to take an individual sport to build confidence in themselves.
Table Tennis:
This fast-paced game is one for the quick. At Pinetown Boys High School, we dedicate countless time to perfect the reaction time and speed of the learners who participate. Learners across all grade compete amongst each other for the ultimate prize of Table Tennis Champion each year.
Pinetown Boys High school participates in many tournaments and festivals in and around KZN and South Africa. These tours are against some of the top schools and clubs through South Africa.